Child Care

Information on Nursery for
The 37th Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society

Sep. 11th 2014 (Thur)
8:30 - 19:30
Sep. 12th 2014 (Fri)
8:30 - 20:00
Sep. 13th 2014 (Sat)
8:30 - 19:30

From 0year (3months old) - primary school child


We will disclose the detailed information only to the applicants to ensure the security.

Nursery type

We entrust baby sitter company to dispatch sitters.
Entrusting Company
ALPHA Corporation Inc.
(A full member of ACSA: All Japan Childcare Services Association)


a) 3,000JPY (tax included) / per day • per child
a’) 1,500JPY (tax included) / per day • for next siblings. 50% discount for next siblings.
b) 600JPY (tax included) / per 1hour • per child • by up to 4 hours

  • * You will be charged for the costs for diapers, etc. and the extension fee other than open hours listed above.
  • * Please pay the fee in cash on the day. Please prepare the exact amount as we do not have any change.
  • * In case of a change or cancel after the deadline, we will charge the full amount as the commission fee.

Please make a reservation by E-mail, including the information as below.
We will reply by e-mail to confirm your reservation with an application form attached.

Please fill out the form and bring it on the first day of your use.

  • E-mail:
  • Subject: Nursery for The 37th Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society
  1. Name of guardian • Work venue (affiliation) ・Contact number (Cell phone)
  2. Date / Time of use
  3. Number of children • child’s age • Name of the child • Reading of name, sex
  4. Any attention required in the children (Allergy / Health problem)

* If you wish to reserve by phone, please make a call at
03-5772-1222 (Weekdays 9:30 ~17:30).

for application

Sep. 3rd (Wed) 2014

Please note that we may stop accepting applications when we reach the capacity.


The entrusting babysitter company take out the insurance and covers in case of any accidents. Please note that the 37th Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society does not take any responsibility.

Alpha Corporation INC.

Childcare room

Please use general break spaces without hesitations even if you have children.
In addition, a childcare room is situated in the exhibition hall, second floor of Pacifico Yokohama.
Please use rest rooms of the conference center and the exhibition room, which are equipped with a baby bed.

[ Notes ]

Baby sitters will be arranged for the designated time which you decide in the reservation. This arrangement takes personnel costs. This is the reason why we request payment for the total amount of care time you reserve in advance. If you are delayed to pick up your child, we will ask you to pay for the extra time you used the service.

A substantial portion of the running costs of the Childcare Room are covered under the convention budget, with the kind understanding and cooperation of other participants. Please understand that the childcare services we provide will be operated under a limited budget.
Thank you very much for your appreciations.

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