Call for Symposia

The deadline for symposium proposals has passed.

Call for Symposia

Submission deadline: Thursday, November 28, 2013.
Submissions are now being invited for symposium proposals. We welcome innovative and distinguished submissions for Neuroscience2014. Submissions should be prepared in accordance with the procedures set out below. In order to avoid overlapping of submission content, we ask that you carefully review the preliminary sessions listed on the program page.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions are to be made electronically to the Meeting Secretariat 【】by Thursday, November 28, 2013.
You may fill out the attached proposal form or send the required information in the body of your

Submission Format:

The structure of your proposal should be as follows:

  1. Symposium title
  2. Organizer (s) name, affiliation, and contact information
    (E-mail, phone number, FAX number)
  3. Name of speaker (s) and affiliated institutions.
  4. Respective Titles of presenting speakers.
  5. Outline and goals of symposium
    (Brief explanation under 100 English words or 200 Japanese characters)
    *All submissions are to be made in English. Japanese translation is optional

Proposal Form (Excel)

Call for Symposia:

  1. There will be 45 symposia in total, of which approximately 15 will be selected through this application process.
  2. Each session will be allocated 120 minutes in length and typically include four to six presenters.
  3. Submissions should be presented in English, while questions and answers can be in either English or Japanese.
  4. We request applicants to contact the organizers and symposiasts prior to submission.
  5. In order to make the Annual Meeting more international, we welcome proposals that include researchers from abroad. Symposium organizers are responsible for arranging travel and other expenses for presenters and organizers. The Annual Meeting organizer will not offer any financial support. However, the registration fee for the Meeting will be waived for those who are not members of the Japan Neuroscience Society.
  6. The program committee may request to merge proposed symposia with similar topics, replacement of presenters, or inclusion of regular presenters into a symposium. We request that applicants communicate to all involved parties of possible modifications, and to refrain from making any guarantees to potential speakers.
  7. Individuals are limited to a single presentation as the principal author in the symposia and oral/ poster sessions during the meeting. Please be aware that symposiasts may not give more than one presentation.
  8. The Program Committee members will review submissions. Applicants will be informed regarding acceptance and modifications by mid-January, 2014.Upon acceptance, please register your presentation within the specified registration period. (abstracts must be in English for all symposiasts)
  9. The Neuroscience Gender Equality Committee promotes the participation and education of female researchers in the field of neuroscience. Women are strongly encouraged to apply as organizers and presenters.

Young Researcher Symposia:

Among the symposium proposals described above, we are supporting symposia organized by researchers aged 40 or younger as a part of the Young Researchers' Symposia. Travel grants of approximately 200,000-300,000 yen will be available for several symposium presenters from overseas.
Please put 'Request for assistance for Young Researcher Symposia ' in the Subject line when submitting your e-mail application and attach the organizer's CV. You must include at least one foreign researcher affiliated with an overseas research institution as one of the presenters in your proposal. We look forward to receiving fresh and enthusiastic. proposals.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Some symposia may be selected to receive corporate sponsorship.
The presence or absence of expected sponsorship does not affect the decision made by the committee as to which symposia will be accepted. Once sponsorship eligibility has been determined, the conference secretariat will contact companies that have expressed an interest in providing sponsorship .

Sponsored Symposia:

  1. The sponsoring company will provide financial support for the symposium, covering expenses such as transportation expenses for invited speakers from overseas. 
    (The amount of the support is not to exceed the set maximum.)
  2. Following the title of the symposium, the company name will appear in the following format: “Sponsored by XXXX.” This format will be used to display the names of sponsoring companies on the convention website and program booklet.
  3. In the relevant program section of the convention website (list of companies), a hyperlink will be provided to the sponsoring company’s website.
  4. Corporate advertising is prohibited during the symposium.
  5. The only documents that are permitted to be distributed during the symposium are those approved by the convention organizer and secretariat.
  6. Organizers may seek corporate sponsorship independently. Please inform the convention secretariat if you intend to apply for sponsorship.
    Please note that the acceptance of a symposium proposal is given solely based on the close evaluation of its contents. Kindly refrain from making any advance assurances to potential sponsors concerning the acceptance of your proposal.

The themes and organizers of the symposia on the program page, held under the auspices of the 37th Annual Meeting Japan Neuroscience Society, have already been decided.

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