International Exchange Meeting for Young Researchers

In association with Neuroscience2014, the International Exchange Meeting for Young Researchers will be held to provide an opportunity for young researchers to meet one another, as they are expected to play a leading role in the future of Japan’s field of neuroscience.

Graduate students, post-docs, and young PIs who have registered Neuroscience2014 may apply to attend the meeting.

Date and time Wednesday September 10, 2014, 17:00 – 19:00(Preparations/ Poster Set up will start from 16:00)
*The International Exchange Meeting for Young Researchers is held the day before Neuroscience2014.
Maximum no. of participants Approx. 50
*First come, first served for Neuroscience2014 registered participants
Participation fee Free
Eligibility Graduate students, post-docs with a doctoral degree or equivalent, young PIs, and young researchers who have been lecturers or held other similar positions for less than five years, regardless of nationality and academic society affiliation. Young Japanese researchers studying abroad who are temporarily in Japan are also eligible to apply.
Outline of the international exchange
Participants will discuss research topics through poster presentations with overseas young researchers who have received a Travel Award.
  1. Snacks will be available during the international exchange meeting so that participants can discuss research topics and introduce themselves to each other in a relaxed manner. The discussions at the meeting will be also joined by overseas PI-class researchers who will participate in Neuroscience2014, thus giving an opportunity to interact with leading researchers, as well as young ones.
  2. If you wish to make a poster presentation in the exchange meeting, you may use the same poster you prepared for Neuroscience2014.
  3. You may also choose to make a poster presentation on the same theme as your oral presentation for Neuroscience2014.

Advance registration is required.
To register, please proceed to the abstract registration page.