Call for papers

Submissions are now open for regular presentations (oral and poster presentation). Please note that all registration is to be completed online. Please look through the registration guidelines below and proceed to the registration page.
※Please note that you must be registered in order to submit a presentation. To register for Neuroscience2014, click here

Call for papers has been closed.

Submission Period

OPEN Monday, February 17 (Japan Time)
CLOSE Wednesday, April 30th
Friday, May 9th (12:00, Japan time)

*The Call for Papers deadline will end prior to the registration deadline.

Symposium speakers must complete registration and submit their abstracts.
Symposium organizers are requested to communicate all registration prerequisites to Symposium speakers.

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  • The presenting author(first author) must register the abstract ; co-authors cannot register or present.
  • Abstracts are restricted to one per person including symposiums. However, this excludes plenary lectures, keynotes and award lectures.
  • The first and presenting author must be a member of Japan Neuroscience Society (JNSS). You will be required to enter your membership number when registering online. Go to
  • It may take up to one week to issue your membership number. Please bear in mind when registering that the abstract may be withdrawn if the presenting author has not registered by the deadline.
  • Abstracts may be withdrawn if your membership has a remaining balance.
  • To encourage the participation of researchers in related fields of neuroscience, invited speakers in related fields of neuroscience are not required to procure membership, though the society welcomes potential members.
  • Neuroscience researchers are required to register as a Japan Neuroscience Society member in order to submit an abstract.
  • If you are unable to register due to logistical reasons (i.e. living abroad) please ensure that you activate your membership prior to your presentation.

Membership Registration Contact

Japan Neuroscience Society (JNSS)

Home Page URL:
Tel: 03-3813-0272 / Fax: 03-3813-0296


  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Plenary, special, award lectures and symposia are to be made in English. (with the exception of the Educational Lecture)
  • Japanese is permitted during Q&A’s for Symposia and regular presentations (poster and oral).
  • Oral presentations will also be conducted in English to strengthen the internationalization of the annual meeting. (Some exceptions may be permissible)

Presentation Format

  • The author can indicate preference for either oral or poster presentation at the time of general abstract submission. However, the final decision will rest with the Program Committee; we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
  • Presentations with related themes may be asked to present in correlating symposiums.

(1)Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are to be made in English. The use of Japanese is permitted during Q&A’s. (See Language)
The oral presentation time will be 15 minutes each. (Please note that the presentation time is subject to change depending on the number of applicants.
A projector will be provided on site: please bring your own computer for your presentation and ensure that the computer is equipped with necessary converters.

(2)Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are to be made in English. An additional Japanese summary is welcome but not required.
Poster size will be announced on the Neuroscience 2014 website when the poster presentations have been confirmed.
Poster Session presenters are welcome to register for the "Short Talk Session" by indicating their participating on the checked box when registering.

(3) Symposia

  • All Symposia will be conducted in English.
  • Please select the theme of your presentation.
  • Please consult the session chair concerning your presentation time.
  • Presenters are requested to bring their own computer. A projector will be available onsite for your presentation.
  • Presentations with related themes may be asked to present in correlating symposiums. Organizers may be contacted regarding any changes to the symposium.

Notification of Acceptance

Applicants will be notified via e-mail concerning their abstract acceptance, presentation format and location once the program has been finalized. Please note that Symposia applicants may also have their submission checked by the Program Committee.

Submission Procedures

1) You must complete your advance registration before submitting an abstract
Click the Advance Registration & Abstract Submission button on the Call for Papers screen, or click the Advance Registration button on the Registration screen.

2) Once you complete the advance registration, the Abstract Submission button will be displayed. Click the button to proceed to the Abstract Submission screen.
If the abstract submission is interrupted, log into Advance Registration & Abstract Submission at the bottom of this page, click the hyperlink “Confirm” and then the “Abstract Submission” button. Enter your login ID (E-mail address) and password is required to log in.

3) Follow the directions on the Abstract Submission screen, and fill in the required fields. The items you are required to fill in are as follows: Preferred presentation format and names of authors, affiliated institutions. The total number of characters for authors, institutions, the title and the body (including space) must be no more than 2,500. Submissions exceeding the limit will not be able to enter the system. After all required fields are filled, click "Next" so that you can confirm the number of characters you entered.

4) Once your registration is complete, an automatically generated e-mail will indicate your registration number and password. If you do not receive an e-mail within 60 minutes, your abstract may not have been received. Please check and register again if necessary. You will require your registration number and password when amending your abstract or sending an inquiry to the Secretariat. Print out the page or save it to your computer's memory to be sure to keep them safe.


  • Abstracts may only be modified during the abstract submission period. Click the Modify, Update, Delete your Abstract button on the Call for Papers screen, and enter your registration number and password.
  • Once the Call for Papers deadline has passed, no amendments or additions whatsoever can be made to your submission and will be published as is. Please ensure that your submission is accurate and that no authors, affiliation, etc have been accidentally omitted.
  • The abstract submission system and the advance registration system are two different operating systems. You must update the content of both of pages separately when making modifications.

Important Notes

  • Please create an account and set your own Registration ID and password.
    You will need these to confirm or amend the details of your registration.
    Be sure to keep them safe.
    For security reasons, the secretariat will not be able to supply either of your passwords or ID’s.
  • Submitted abstracts will not be edited. Please ensure that your abstract is ready to be published when completing your submission.
  • Speakers are required to receive content from co-authors.
  • Recommended to browse the registration system
    • Internet Explorer 7 / Internet Explorer 8 / Internet Explorer 9 / Internet Explorer 10
    • Google Chrome Latest stable version
    • Mozilla Firefox Latest stable version
    • Safari Latest stable version
  • Once the deadline has passed, we will not accept any revisions or additions under any circumstances.

Data Entry

The items you (The first author) are required to fill in are as follows: Presentation format and names of authors (no more than 20 authors), affiliated institutions (no more than 20 institutions), contact telephone number and e-mail address (we will be communicating the results via e-mail), category of presentation, title of presentation, main text of abstract, research funding, compliance, whether the presentation can be cited or publicized, and whether any conflicts of interest exist.

Choose "Category" List of Categories (PDF)

Use full block style (omitting a space at the beginning of the first line) when you fill in "Abstract Body". The maximum number of characters for the body is 2,500 (The total number of characters for your abstract is 2,500 including the English title, names of authors, institutions, spaces, Research funds etc.) After all required fields are filled in, click "Next" so that you can confirm the number of characters you entered.

Choose "Category".

Entering symbols, Greek Letters and other special characters
Superscripts:<SUP></SUP> <I></I> <B> </B> <U></U>
1. Symbols and Greek Letters shown below must be entered using the respective codes from the list of "Abstract Body" on registration site. (We recommend that you copy and paste from the list.)  Follow the instructions below for special characters which are also available on the registration site for you to cut and paste.

< >() →←↑↓

Follow the instructions below for special characters. These are also available on the registration site for you to cut and paste.

  • Superscripts:<SUP></SUP>
    Example: Na<SUP>+</SUP> Na+
    Example: H<SUB>2</SUB> H2O
  • Italics: <I>text</I>
    Example: <I>c-fos</I> c-fos
  • Bolds:<B>text</B>
    Example: <B>AAA</B> AAA
  • Underline: <U>text</U>
    Example: <U>AAA</U> AAA


If you want to use "<" or ">" in your abstract (e.g. p <0.05), in order to distinguish special character codes "< > "explained above from simple uses of "<" or ">", please enter the codes of "&gt;" for ">" and "&lt;" for "<".

ex) p < 0.05
× p<0.05
○ p< 0.05
○ p&lt;0.05

Neuroscience 2014 Advance Registration

Contact Information

Secretariat, Japan Neuroscience Society

9F Hongo Building 7-2-2 Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Tel: 03-3813-0272 / Fax: 03-3813-0296

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